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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Language Plan


Our goal is to introduce the Spanish language to the predominantly English language speaker and English to the predominantly Spanish (or any other language) speaker with the hopes in mind that they will adopt each other’s language as a second or third language during the course of their center socialization experience. We will do this by immersing the children half the day in Spanish and half in English. All of the activities will be carried out mainly in one or the other language with very little translation. With the goal in mind of stopping all translation by the 2nd trimester of attendance to the center on a regular 5 day 8 to 5 schedule.

We will run a bilingual center, this means that we will speak half day totally in English and half day totally in Spanish and we will change the days so that the children will not get used to a pattern and learn the two languages more naturally.  There will be little if any translations during the experience, instead we will label and display photos and visuals that will help the children identify what is being talked about.  Many props and audio recordings will be employed to facilitate understanding for the student.


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