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Sunkist Child Care Center is...

A Dual Language Child Care Center with an Arts-Based Integrative Curriculum directed by Gladys Cespedes Simmons.


It is my vision that by the time your child leaves Sunkist Child Care Center they will have a well-rounded development across domains. If your child enrolls at age two, by the time they  reach five years old he or she will be familiar with the world of music, rhythm, orchestration, and organized fun, at the same time that they learn their ABCs, 123s, and rhythmic sequences such as Clave in both languages.


Music is the main learning tool in our center, which we will use to teach language.
We will employ quarterly presentations by visiting artists (mostly local) to re-enforce music, dance, and storytelling, in either or both languages so that these subjects can be part of their language learning experience as well.



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